every woman has an inner vixen. let yours out to play in a life-altering way.


for nearly ten years, I have made it my number one priority to make sure my boudoir clients see themselves in a light that they never could before.

I've heard "I'm so awkward," "I can't make a sexy face," "I don't know how to pose,"

and every other excuse in the book.

Girl, that's what you're hiring me for.

I have a 134-song personally crafted playlist for this sh*t. I was born ready, and so were you.

I've been told I'm "the easiest person to be half naked in front of,"

and I'll take that as a compliment any day of the week.

The amount of confidence my clients gain from an hour session is humbling to see.

so do it. book the boudoir session. I dare you.

you deserve to feel sexy, trust me.

Boudoir sessions start at $200,

and can be customized to your needs,

including makeup application and print products.

**I do not currently have a studio, meaning your session would take place at your residence or on-location at your decision and discretion**

(changing that in the near future!)

I do marathons often, in which case a private indoor location is rented.

Check my Facebook page for updates on any current planned marathon dates.

next date:

9/19/2020 in highlands county, Florida

limited availability, $125 retainer required