how does this work?

From the jump, I want to make sure you're comfortable and understand the process of booking and shooting with me.
As a decade-long photographer, I have expectations, and I know that as the client, you have needs.

Step one is simple,
and it's Figuring out what kind of session you'd like to do. If you're wanting a boudoir session, you're in the wrong place (link in header). If you're wanting a wedding photographer, you're on the wrong site (because I don't offer those anymore).
Anything else, I'm your girl.
I have a studio space in Sebring for newborns/sitters.

Step Two is reaching out.
I have a contact page in my header. Fill that out and I'll get back with you!

Step Three is payment + contract.
Every single client must pay their retainer fee and sign their contract within 48 hours of receipt in order to book the discussed date.

Step Four: LET'S sHOOT!
We'll meet up at whatever location we choose and we'll get your memories captured.

Step five is the tough one.
It requires patience.
Galleries will take up to 3 weeks to be rough edited and sent to your email.
Sessions include an allotted amount of images (see your collection details), but you are always welcome to purchase additional images (see pricing guide below for full details).
You'll pick your favorites for me to edit, and I'll get the fully edited gallery to your email within 1 week.

check out my full pricing guide below